Our Mission + Vision

Our mission is to offer our clients a lively and a learning experience by conjunctly working with them in bringing their concepts to life. At ShapeLab we strive to exceed the desires of our clients by going above and beyond what is asked by ensuring that every detail of their vision is met. We aim at working with clients from all over the world.

Our vision is the backbone of our artistic work. It guides us to enhance our creativity to create and construct artworks that meets the ever-changing end needs of our clients. At ShapeLab we strive to deliver and achieve astonishing and high quality works of art by providing expertise and deep understanding in our work. That is why ShapeLab believes that the impossible can be achieved!

Who are we?

ShapeLab founded by Antony J. van Helden specializes in designing, construction, coaching projects and general themes. The artist/shaper involved Antony J. van Helden is a skilled professional in various fields, such as art, decor and more. With over 30 years of experience in these fields Antony J. van Helden has guided and executed several (high profile) projects to careful completion. Together with a multitalented and a flexible team that varies with each individual project Antony J. van Helden created ShapeLab. The idea behind ShapeLab is to have a separate entity that focuses solely on producing customized and amazing designs and products for our clients. This allows us to work on-target and in a multidisciplinary manner. At ShapeLab we work with a wide variety of materials and techniques. We understand the importance of finishing touches and small details. Our company is passionate about creativity and imagination and therefore seeks the challenge and the achievement in it. We aim to help those who face barriers in the development of bringing their concepts to life. We combine our work with a deep understanding and a detailed attention of the end-needs of our clients. Making out of any end-needs a unique and an extraordinary hand made craft.

What Makes us different?.....

At ShapeLab you not only see what you get, but you get what you envisioned.
A satisfied client remains one of the most important assets to our organization, so we tend to stay involved in every aspect of the design and the product. We never disappoint.
Our clients see the rewards of their concepts from start to finish. In every art work we provide, you will find our expertise, our knowledge, our passion, our commitment and our eye for detail. We believe that if you can think it, we can make it.
ShapeLab wants to work with you to achieve the impossible!

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